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Garnet 4mm

Elegant and modern, this cherry red Garnet bracelet is made from the Grade AAA 4mm beads and a Sterling Silver accent bar.

Garnet supports Passion, Commitment and Balance.
Powerful and protective, it cleanses the chakras of negative energies and re-energises them.
Use it to balance the Sacral Chakra to bring serenity or passion, whichever is appropriate.
Garnet inspires love and passion, devotion and loyalty. A stone of commitment, Garnet encourages personal relationships of all kinds, both personally and in business.
It can sharpen perceptions of yourself and other people dissolving ingrained behaviours that no longer serve you.

Each bracelet is custom made to your size and the crystals are energetically cleansed and charged with Reiki.

Every purchase comes in a gift box together with a Care Card explaining how to take care of the crystal bracelet. The box is made of recycled paper and both the box and 100% paper packaging can be recycled.