“I’ve purchased three bracelets - Sunstone, Magnesite and Light Blue Kyanite. They are gorgeous and beautifully made. Quality of  the crystals are exceptional. Fitting is perfect. I will be buying more!” Etsy

“Beautiful bracelet, made to size and would thoroughly recommend this shop. Came in lovely presentation box.” Etsy

“I fell in love with this bracelet as soon as I saw in online. I couldn't wait for it to arrive and I was not disappointed! The owner was extremely helpful and is obviously passionate about what she does. Thank you CrystalObesssionbyNageen!” Etsy

“Absolutely love these earrings. So easy to wear. The moonstones have a wonderful luster. They've been admired so many times. Excellent helpful service. Huge thank you.” Etsy

“I love my pyrite bracelet, it's beautiful and fits perfectly. The owner was very helpful in explaining the benefits of the crystals. I would highly recommend CrystalObsessionbyNageen.” Etsy

“I bought two bracelets (Lavender Amethyst and Labradorite 6mm) for my 15 year daughter. She adores them and wears them to school everyday! Wonderful quality and beautifully made. Perfect fit too!” Etsy

“I have bought a number of bracelets from Nageen. They are all beautiful gemstones. Each made to a perfect fit. The description of each stone is explained very clearly which helps me to decide on which bracelet to purchase. I enjoy choosing and wearing them each day. Gives me the mental strength to tackle each day.” Friend