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Jet 8mm

Jet is very easy to wear as it's such a light, warm and tactile stone. It's highly recommended for those who are highly sensitive and empathic. The bracelet is finished with a Sterling Silver accent bead.
Jet provides Calming, Grounding and Protection.
Working almost like an energetic filter, Jet is a wonderfully grounding stone that has intense purification and protection properties.
Jet can be helpful for those experiencing an overabundance of negative energies or emotions. Not only does it draw off negative vibrations, but Jet can also help the victim of these vibes to understand their original purpose and the lesson to be learned.
Sensitives or empaths who suffer from exposure to negativity in the environment should carry Jet with them.

Each bracelet is custom made to your size and the crystals are energetically cleansed and charged with Reiki.

Every purchase comes in a gift box together with a Care Card explaining how to take care of the crystal bracelet. The box is made of recycled paper and both the box and 100% paper packaging can be recycled.