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Prehnite 8mm

This gentle green bracelet is made from Prehnite Grade A beads with flecks of black Epidote nd finished with a Sterling Silver accent bead.
Prehnite promotes Healing, Love and Spiritual Knowing.
It is used for healing imbalances in the Heart Chakra. It is used to rebalance your mind and body, thoughts and experiences and dreams and reality.
Its energy is powerful in healing damage caused by lost love, and lost relationships.
Prehnite enhances inner knowledge, spiritual growth and letting go. It fosters a strong sense of trust in Universal Principles.
It is also helpful for decluttering and letting go of physical possessions you no longer need.

Each bracelet is custom made to your size and the crystals are energetically cleansed and charged with Reiki.

Every purchase comes in a gift box together with a Care Card explaining how to take care of the crystal bracelet. The box is made of recycled paper and both the box and 100% paper packaging can be recycled.