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Rainbow Fluorite 6mm

This bracelet is made from incredibly delicate, clear Rainbow Fluorite beads and a Sterling Silver accent bead.

Rainbow Fluorite assists with Focus, Intellect and Protection.
This beautiful and versatile crystal connects the body, mind and spirit helping you to overcome blocks and bring your ideas into the open.
It clears and clarifies mental clutter - if you are distracted by too many ideas, or worries about the future, fluorite will enable you to focus on what really matters.
It enhances your intellectual abilities and is a good stone to wear in your work environment.

Each bracelet is custom made to your size and the crystals are energetically cleansed and charged with Reiki.

Every purchase comes in a gift box together with a Care Card explaining how to take care of the crystal bracelet. The box is made of recycled paper and both the box and 100% paper packaging can be recycled.